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Kevin Milne- organ donation

Want to donate?

How do I become an organ donor?

Anyone can be considered for donation. Organs which may be donated include kidneys, liver, heart valves, heart, lungs, eyes, bone and skin, depending on the age and condition of the donor at the time of death. If you decide to become a donor, you can register when you receive, or renew, your driver’s licence. It is important to discuss the decision with your family first, because if you die, they will have the right to dispute the organ donation. A body will not be disfigured when organs are removed, and a funeral can be carried out as usual. For more information on organ donation, visit Organ Donation New Zealand at *


Live organ donors

If you donate a kidney for transplant, for example, you may be eligible for some financial assistance from Work and Income for loss of income, or childcare costs.

Did you know?

The age limits for organ donation.

There are no age limits in place for kidney and liver donation, but there are restrictions for the donation of other organs. Eyes can be donated up to 85 years, skin up to 80, lungs up to 70, hearts up to 65, heart valves up to 60 and pancreases up to 45.

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