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A Muslim schoolgirl from Australia asks Jacinda Ardern to be their Prime Minister

Summer Joyan also believes Jacinda Ardern deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

A 13-year-old Muslim schoolgirl from Australia has asked Jacinda Ardern to move to Australia and become their Prime Minister. She also said she thought Ardern deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize - a sentiment that's perhaps beginning to be thought by many.
In Summer Joyan's open letter, which has been published on Summer thanks Ardern for showing "true" leadership following the Christchurch terror attacks.
"Many world leaders could learn a lot from the way you have held your nation together and comforted those who are grieving," Summer writes.
"I think that you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize!"
In contrast to the "support and genuine empathy for the Muslim community" that Ardern has shown, Summer says she has experienced nothing even close in Australia.
"Today I watched a video of you talking to the students at Cashmere High School regarding the terrorist attack. You showed such strength and kindness, and it made me wish I could experience the same thing in Australia.
"In my high school, not a single teacher or figure of authority even mentioned the attacks. They didn't acknowledge that a white supremacist murdered 50 innocent Muslim men, women and children in a usually peaceful place of worship. They didn't offer support or reach out to the Muslim girls in my school or even provide counselling services for grief and support.
"In a country that is so similar to New Zealand, and yet also so different, can you imagine the comfort that my Muslim friends and I felt, knowing there was one leader in a neighbouring country that was on our side?
"If only more politicians had the courage to stand up to injustices..."
In conclusion she wrote, "I'm sure you will remain Prime Minister of New Zealand for a long time. But if not, do you think maybe you could move to Australia and become our Prime Minister? That would be a dream come true."