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ACT leader David Seymour answers your questions

Ahead of Election Day on September 23, ACT leader David Seymour answers your questions.

**What do you think is the biggest problem facing New Zealand, and if you’re in government, what would you do about it?

Chris (65) Rotorua**

The massive cost of housing is the single largest cause of poverty and inequality in New Zealand. ACT says it’s crazy to ban people from building homes during a housing shortage. We would restore affordability by cutting red tape in land use and construction, allowing new homebuilding on an epic scale.

**Immigration is a hot issue this election. What is your policy regarding our increased migration rate, and will you put measures in place to slow it down until infrastructure can support such an influx?

Lyn (53) Auckland**

ACT welcomes peaceful and productive immigrants. Many businesses rely on immigrants to fill specific skills shortages. Instead of scapegoating immigration, ACT would ensure housing and infrastructure responds to a growing population. We would do this by giving half the GST from building to local councils for use on basic infrastructure. This would also encourage councils to approve new housing initiatives.

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**What makes you proud to be a New Zealander?

John (41) Dunedin**

Going to kids’ sports on Saturday morning and seeing people from all walks of life come together for a fair game. It shows that, as a country, we have a common bond and understanding, even when we’re competing with each other.

**While I recognise infrastructure projects in our cities are important, I’m a born-and-bred farmer. What policies would you implement to make life easier, and more profitable, for farmers and those living rurally?

Denise (48)**

Waikato ACT will replace the Resource Management Act, a huge source of red tape, costs and delays. And we’ll review other laws like the recent Health and Safety changes to ensure the silliest rules are thrown out. We’ll also pursue trade opportunities, and cut personal and company taxes.

**How do you balance your career and your family?

Natalie (50)**

Wellington I make sure that at least once a week I spend time with family and friends, especially on special occasions like Father’s Day. Regular catch-ups are very important, so I try to make it a habit.

**My children are desperately trying to buy a house, but have found themselves firmly priced out of the market, with a ridiculous deposit expected for their first home which they cannot afford. Do you believe this is a problem and if so, how would you fix it?

Anonymous (56) Auckland**

I think housing is the biggest issue this election. Other parties focus on short-term fixes (taxes on investors, grants for homebuyers, etc), but ACT says we need to knuckle down, cut red tape and start building homes at the rate we managed back in the ‘70s. That will bring down prices permanently.

**Why should we persuade our parents to vote for you?

*Matthew (11) Auckland**

Younger people need a voice too – I’m the youngest party leader in more than a decade and am closest to facing the same issues people your age will face

in the future.

**How do you take your cup of tea?

Jenny (73) Tauranga**

Natural and black.

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