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17 questions we have about the Trump presidency

The worst has happened - so what now, America?
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Donald Trump is the new President of the United States. Here are 17 things the NEXT team had this morning.

1.How do all those people who cast a vote for Trump, for ‘fun’, feel this morning?

2.Why can’t Clinton supporter Cher turn back time?

3.Will the White House become a hotel?

4.How many people have said, ‘We should have picked Michelle?’

5.Did Trump even want the job?

6.Have we answered the question of ‘Is Orange the new Black?’

7.Did Hillary hear the words, ‘You’re fired?’

8.Will the Kardashians bring out a line of red hats?

9.Was it just us or did Trump’s family look just as shocked as the rest of us?

10.Have all the pollsters considered a new career?

11.Has Putin sent a congratulatory gift yet?

12.Will anyone have to pay tax anymore?

13.Will the word Trumpageddon make it into the Oxford English Dictionary this year?

14.Will Helen Clark reach out to Hillary to say, ‘I know how you feel?’

15.Can you see Melania in the White House garden?

16.Will President Trump ever roll off the tongue?

17.Obama brought a dog, will there be a White House pussy?

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