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TV crew helps save truck driver’s life

Reporter spots man stranded in rising flood waters after Hurricane Harvey.
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A quick-thinking reporter helped rescue a truck driver trapped in rising flood waters in the US.

Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc on the US state of Texas, with at least three confirmed deaths and severe flooding affecting many areas.

TV journalist Brandi Smith was reporting live from the side of the road in Houston when she spotted a man in a truck surrounded by water with its cab quickly filling up.

While live on air, the reporter flagged down a passing sherrif’s vehicle towing a rescue boat and alerted them to the situation.

“There is water filling his cab and I’m trying not to break your eardrums as I scream,” Smith told viewers as she yelled down to the trapped driver. “Sir, there is a boat here!”

After the live TV broadcast cut out, Smith shared a video of the rescue on her Facebook page, happily reporting that the sherrif’s office had successfully rescued the stranded driver.

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