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Wife of Putin’s spokesman sparks outrage in Holocaust-themed ice skating routine

Tatiana Navka dressed in concentration camp pyjamas and wore the Star of David.
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The wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Tatiana Navka, has sparked outrage by performing a Holocaust-themed ice skating routine on Russian reality show, Ice Age.

Navka and her skating partner Andrew Burkovsjy wore the same striped pyjamas as concentration camp prisoners, complete with the Star of David badge.

The routine took place as they competed on Russian reality TV show, Ice Age. Navka is married to Dmirty Peskov, who is Vladimir Putin’s chief spin doctor.

Pictured with Putin.

She’s a champion ice dancer – she won Winter Olympic gold in 2006 and is also a two-time world champ.

During the routine, Tatiana mimes gunning down her partner.

She posted images of the performance on her Instagram account with the caption: ‘One of my most loved routines! It was choreographed based on one of my favourite movies, La Vita Et Bella (Life is Beautiful).’

The film she’s referencing is a 1997 tragicomedy about an Italian-Jewish man’s fight to survive in a Nazi concentration camp.

The controversial routine has understandably caused outrage across the globe.

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