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Miracle baby born to brain dead mother

A woman who was declared brain dead over a month ago has had a healthy baby boy.
Newborn baby

Newborn baby born to brain dead mum

The Polish woman, who was 41, was rushed to hospital late last year with a brain tumour. And after being declared brain dead, doctors and nurses had to battle to keep her unborn baby alive.

After 55 days of being kept alive purely for the purposes of the child, the baby boy was delivered in January.

Barbara Krolak-Olejnik, head of the neonatal unit at the University Hospital in Wroclaw, explained the decisions made by the hospital.

“It was a long 55-day battle. We doctors wanted the little man to grow as big as possible but there came a day when there was a real danger to his life, so we opted for delivery.”

The baby weighed just one kilogram (2.2 pounds) at birth, but is now up to three kilograms after three months of intensive care and has just left hospital showing “no complications”.

“But we have to be patient and wait and see how he grows,” Krolak-Olejnik said.

The baby was born via caesarean section.

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