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WATCH: Man punches kangaroo in the face to save dog being strangled

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A man has fought a kangaroo in a bid to save his dog from being strangled – and it might be the most Aussie thing we’ve ever seen.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by user Steven Stubenrauch, the narrator explains that the kangaroo and the dog, Max, seem to be wrestling. Clearly Skippy had a tight grip on the situation until a guy named Greg is seen running to the rescue.

The kangaroo seems reluctant to let go of the pup but when he does, he arks up and aggressively pushes out his chest. In a bid to defend himself, Greg clocks Skippy once on the chin.

The kangaroo, startled by the move, takes a second before hopping away without any obvious injury.

Since being uploaded the video has been view millions of times.

Despite often being portrayed as cute and cuddly creatures Kangaroos can get aggressive and have been known to attack when threatened.

Environment NSW say, “if you feel threatened by a kangaroo, move well clear. Try not to attract the kangaroo’s attention and keep your head and arms low”.

The website says to wait until the kangaroo has move before continuing on your way and if you can, get into a small space the ‘roo can’t fit into or position yourself behind something and call for help.

As per Environment NSW:

If you are attacked, drop to the ground and curl into a ball with your hands protecting your face and throat. Try to remain calm and still until the animal moves away, or if you can, keep low to the ground and move behind some form of cover. Report incidents to your local authorities.

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