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60 Minutes journalist speaks from Beirut cell

As a judge warns there is “no chance” the charges against the 60 Minutes crew will be dropped, Tara Brown has told media she is being treated well.

60 Minutes journalist Tara Brown has said she is being treated well in the Beirut jail she is being held in.

Brown is part of the Australian television crew detained in Lebanon after filming the botched rescue mission of two children. News Corp Australia reports local judge Rami Abdullah has said there is “no chance” the charges laid against will be dropped, and the case will be held over until Monday.

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Reporter Brown, along with producer Stephen Rice, cameraman Ben Williamson and sound recordist David Ballment have been holed up in a Beirut cell since attempting to recover Noah 4, and Lahela, 6, whose Australian mother, Sally Faulker, claims were kidnapped by their Lebanese father.

In the botched rescue mission Channel Nine paid two men to grab the children off the street where they were walking with their grandmother and a nanny.

Speaking to local media, the grandmother said she was ‘pistol whipped’ during the incident.

On Wednesday Ms Faulker and the 60 Minutes team members were brought before Judge Rami Abdullah.

They were interviewed privately and wearing handcuffs.

The team were supported by Channel Nine’s News Director Darren Wick.

The 60 Minutes crew have been formally charged with hiding information, forming an association with two or more people to commit crime against a person, kidnapping or holding a minor even with their approval, and physical assault.

Speaking from her cell, Tara Brown told News Corp it’s hard to gauge what will happen next.

“Quite genuinely we are being treated well by the standards here, it’s fine, it’s not crowded,” she said.

Watch: The dramatic moment the children were snatched

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