Wairarapa woman’s hilarious Trademe ad for her unwanted wedding dress

The dress is in excellent condition - unlike the marriage, she says.

A former bride from the Wairarapa who is making a fresh start without her husband has had her desires met – by earning over $300 in bids for an auction she listed on Trademe to sell her unwanted wedding dress.

Her adorably honest “wedding dress for sale – worn once by mistake!” ad is attracting a huge amount of attention from the public, and bids are at $395 so far with the auction not due to close until Tuesday next week.

“I would ideally like over $300 for this dress,” she says in her ad, “as this would pay for a year’s gym membership for me to lose the kilos I put on from such a miserable marriage – either that or a decent night out on the wines, both are needed…”

It appears the gym membership fee has been secured, as well as enough for a few wines…

It’s not often you see a wedding dress advertised like this, but seller emma_matts’ words have struck a chord with New Zealanders.

Her question and answer section has been flooded with messages of support, and the bidding history shows two contenders locked in a bidding war.

She begins her ad: “Please help remove this dress from my life, it no longer means anything to me.”

She explains that the dress is “in excellent condition – unlike my marriage” and “ready for a legit wedding after a practice run back in 2013.”

She shares that she has “handwashed the bad luck out of it” and cannot provide exact measurements “as this was custom-made for a little girl who thought she deserved less than what she was worth and she is now a strong woman”.

For its uses she suggests treating it as evening wear. But we like this suggestion: “or would be an excellent outfit choice for house cleaning and dishes (if Disney role play is your thing)”.

She divulged that she was happy to throw in her wedding shoes “for a good price as those aren’t needed any more either because I walked away with the feet I was born with and will keep moving forward with those (keeping the veil for the ‘out of toilet paper’ emergencies).”

She ends her ad with: “Apologies for the photos… some of these I have lost around 90kg of baggage.”

Wishing you well, emma_matts!

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