The story of the bride who fired her bridesmaids

We're cringing but we can't stop reading...



One bride has shared perhaps the saddest story about the lead up to her wedding that we’ve ever had the misfortune to read.

The Reddit user posted on a forum asking for advice, after becoming so unhappy with her bridesmaids, she fired the lot of them.

Now, we’ve read our fair share of bridezilla horror stories (ordering bridesmaids to lose weight, grow their hair, spend 1K on a bridal shower), but this one really breaks our hearts.

Explaining that her and said bridesmaids had been “growing apart” for the past few years, the bride in question tells the forum that not only did her chosen besties not turn up to her bridal shower, but they also wouldn’t attend the bachelorette party, which is basically just an excuse to drink and behave badly.

But the final straw came when, on the week the bride was meant to pick a wedding dress, every bridesmaid bailed.

“I talked with my fiancé about it, and we both decided that we wouldn’t have anyone in the wedding party besides us and the officiant…My friends were indifferent,” she explains.

“That’s when I finally broke. I was so mad that they weren’t even the slightest bit disappointed in not being my bridal party. I sent them a message in our group chat basically saying ‘since you don’t seem to care, I’ll take you off the invitations.'”

Fast-forward a few days, and bride-to-be says she doesn’t know what to do. There have now been offers of a belated bachelorette party, and endless ways for them to make it up to her. And what the bride wants to know is, should she let them?

“I’m at a loss and I don’t know if I was justified in doing what I did, or if I was just being childish. I would really appreciate an outside perspective on this,” she writes.

“I don’t think you uninvited your friends because it doesn’t really seem like they were your friends to begin with,” wrote one poster.

“I think it’s time to let this group fade into history and focus on making new, adult friends who can keep their commitments,” wrote another.

“I think you’re a lot more emotionally invested in them than they are in you,” warned another, who suggested joining a club to make new pals.

Other made more devious suggestions, like allowing said bridesmaids to organise a bachelorette party, then on the night turning her phone off.

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