TV sinners

You might need to accept he’s so bored he’d rather be without you. It’s time to take action... put some effort into your relationship.

Dear Wendyl,

I think my husband and I are growing apart. We used to love snuggling in front of the TV with a glass of wine and a movie, but now he is never home. He booked himself into not one, but three night classes and is out most evenings. He says he’s just trying to better himself, but I think he is avoiding me.

Lonely TV Wife, Waikato

Dear Lonely TV Wife,

I don’t mean to be harsh, but have you checked he is at the night classes? Could he be at the pub or seeing someone else? Check that first. If he is out learning French, making pottery and icing cakes, then you might need to accept that he is so bored, he would rather do those things than be with you. Time to take action. For starters, turn off the TV.

Then find an interest, or maybe even two, that you enjoy doing together and put some effort into your relationship. And maybe you could join him at one of his night school courses? Sometimes relationships get stale and you have to make a bit of an effort.

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