WATCH: Snoring husband becomes star of wife’s revenge video

Anyone who has had to put up with a noisy sleeper will appreciate this.
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Anyone who has slept next to someone that snores knows how incredibly irritating it can be.

One long-suffering wife has taken her time, and got revenge on her husband after patiently filming him sleeping (loudly) for four years.

In a video posted to Youtube, the woman reveals she has remixed the man’s snores, “with my nephew’s help”, to create an interesting take on the hit song, Despacito.

It seems revenge really is best served cold, but just in case you are worried about the impact of your partner’s snoring…

Snoring vs sleep apnoea

Snoring is caused by the vibration of tissues in the airway, which is mostly a nuisance for those around you.

Sleep apnoea involves a partial or complete physical blockage of the airway, which can occur with or without snoring,” sleep expert Dr Carmel Harrington says.

Snoring is not dangerous, but sleep apnoea means you’re not breathing properly while you’re asleep.

What is sleep apnoea, anyway?

If your partner has mentioned you snore loudly or wake up gasping, your breathing may be affected by sleep apnoea.

“It’s a serious sleep disorder that occurs when the walls of your throat come together during sleep, blocking off your airway and restricting airflow,” Dr Harrington says.

Pauses in breathing typically last anywhere between 10 to 40 seconds.

“While it’s normal to have some brief pauses in breathing during sleep, if it’s happening more than five times an hour, it should be investigated,” she explains.

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