Six signs that someone doesn’t like you – a body language expert’s tips

Got a niggling feeling your new boss doesn't like you? Find out for sure with body language expert Suzanne Masefield.
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Here’s a sobering thought. Statistics tell us that only about 20 per cent of the people we go through life with love us. Another 20 per cent don’t like us, and the rest don’t care either way.

Ouch. If those are the figures there’s probably no point in getting hung up on the ones that don’t love us. We’re better to focus our energies on the ones who do.

That said, you can turn a person around. People form their first impression of us within the first five to 10 seconds of meeting us but with time they can change their minds, turning a bad first impression into a long-lasting high regard for you.

In this video body language expert Suzanne Masefield talks us through six signs to watch out for, that tell us if someone doesn’t like us.

She also talks us through what we can do with our own body language to set them on a path to changing their mind, or at least not disliking us any further.

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