Newshub presenter Melissa Davies is engaged

After navigating the difficulties of a long distance relationship, Melissa is thrilled to now be planning her nuptials. But first there's the small matter of a royal wedding to cover!

After keeping us up-to-date on the Commonwealth Games, Newshub presenter and reporter Melissa Davies is now heading to the UK for the royal wedding – and she’ll be taking notes for her own nuptials!

In the latest issue of Woman’s Day, the Auckland beauty, 34, reveals that she’s engaged to her British beau Caspar Green, 38, who she met at a pub quiz he was hosting in London in 2015, while she was working as Three’s European correspondent.

Melissa laughs, “I’d love to say I impressed him with my intellect and wit, but it was the opposite. He was giving us clues and we had good banter. It’s funny because I wasn’t at all interested in bearded Englishmen who’d been to posh schools, but we got on so well, I could look past the facial furniture.”

Despite getting engaged on a diving trip in the Poor Knights Islands in February, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for the cute couple, who endured a difficult year and a half of long-distance romance before Caspar moved to New Zealand to be with his lady love.

For their full love story and all the gorgeous pictures, see the latest issue of Woman’s Day.

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