Man’s misguided anniversary present is truly hilarious

Think your man is crap at buying presents? You might appreciate them a little more after seeing this.
bad taxidermy

bad taxidermy

The first wedding anniversary gift is a tricky one to nail. On one hand, it sets the precedent for (hopefully) many gifts to come, but on the other – it’s the first year and you don’t want to peak too soon.

But while many husbands stick to the traditional ‘paper’ theme, one decided to go a little off-piste. By getting his wife’s favourite animal stuffed and preserved.

In this story of “confused, misguided love,” the wife took to ebay to sell off her gift, that she described as disappointing and upsetting.

“I’m selling because I’ve dutifully kept it for two years and I’m getting worried about the long term psychological effects on my two (alive) cats, who have now accepted living with a dead, badly stuffed relative as normal,” the wife writes.

“Our anniversary is the 1st of November, and in suggesting that perhaps it is time ‘Paper’ (har har) moves on, my husband has given me a very nice 3rd anniversary present.

Image via ebay

“Dead cat comes with free story about love. Confused, misguided love.

“I was really excited about our first wedding anniversary. I knew that my husband struggled a little bit with gift-giving, so I wasn’t expecting anything more than a nice day with him. I wasn’t disappointed. So, I was pretty surprised and delighted when he turned to me on the train on our way home from our nice day out and, leaning close with a sweet, boyish smile, said ‘You know, I did actually get you an anniversary present.’”

As it turns out, her beloved husband had procured a dead, stuffed cat for their wedding anniversary, because, as the seller writes “Nothing says I love you like your favourite animal only dead.”

“So, if your home needs a tragic symbol of misguided love — the misguided love of an incompetent amateur taxidermist for a beloved, elderly, scruffy cat or the misguided love of a new husband who thought getting his cat-loving bride a dead one for their first anniversary was a good idea — then please consider bidding,” she writes.

If you’re interested in bidding for the piece, head to ebay.

Image via ebay

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