Keeping up appearances

Not all men who suddenly take an interest in their appearance are having affairs. Sometimes they just want to feel good about themselves.

**Dear Wendyl

**oy husband has always been in good shape, but recently he’s put on a bit of weight and has become obsessed with getting rid of it. I’m glad he wants to look after himself, but I’m beginning to wonder if he has an ulterior motive. He spruces himself up before he leaves for work more than he used to and he’s been working late a lot. My mother thinks something’s up. What do you think?

*Suspicious oind, by email

*Dear Suspicious oind

What do I think? I think you’re being silly. Yes, there’s the old saying that when your partner goes to the gym and gets new underwear, they are playing away. But it could be possible that your husband wants to look good, get fit and healthy, and enjoy his life more. I think you should be encouraging and involved in the new him. Help him with his eating, maybe exercise together and tell him how great he’s looking. Ask yourself why you don’t trust him. Are you feeling low in the self-esteem department? And do me a favour – stop listening to your mother

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