Is this the most brutal break up ever?

It must come pretty close...

Breaking up with a significant other can be tough.
But in the age of the smart phone, are break ups becoming more brutal than ever?
A young lad in the UK has found himself in the spotlight this week after his epic break up text message exchange was shared on Twitter by his big sister Annie.
In the text messages, Liam tells his former girlfriend that he ‘cba with a relationship’ (or 'can't be assed' in English) before asking his ex one cold hearted question.
This is how the exchange went down.
Loz: Why was you speaking to Jess today? xxxxxxx
Liam: Cos she's me mate
Loz: Do you fancy her more than me? xxxxxxxx
Liam: She's fit like xx
Loz: Does tha mean yeah?Xxxxxxxxxx
Liam: Dunno cba with a relationship though xx
Loz: Do you not want to be with me anymore? Xxxxxxxxxx
Liam: Nah not really sorry xx
Loz: Really Liam why didn't you say this before? xxxxxxxxx
Liam: Couldn't be assed with the hassle tbh xx
Loz: Crying face emoji x3 xxxxxxxxxx
Liam: Sorry x
Loz: It's fine I'll be okay xxxxxxxx
Liam: Have you got Jess number? X
Liam’s big sister Annie, shared screenshots of the brutal conversation on Twitter and they have been shared thousands of times.
Really Liam, that's not the way to do it.

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