If you’ve cried for 8/10 of these reasons then you’re a frequent crier

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Research has found that the average woman cries around six times every month – more than twice as much as men.

While it’s widely accepted that women tend to show their emotions more than men, we were surprised that we cry this much.

Actually, hang on a minute…

When you think about the weekly episodes of Modern Family that always have that tiny poignant moment right at the end before it finishes on a laugh… The Spark ad (Father’s Day)… NotebookThe Fault In Our StarsOffspring (often)… The news stories you wish you hadn’t read…

…Seeing an elderly couple holding hands… Watching a man open the door for his wife… The moments your kids make you burst with pride… Listening to Miley Cyrus’ Malibu (yes, just listen) … When you go to your child’s school assembly and the kids sing the national anthem… any amount of time at all that you spend at the arrivals/departures lounge at the airport.

Actually, six might be a modest estimate.

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Research undertaken by Hycosan Fresh, an eye-drop manufacturer, has found that women will cry 4,680 times over the course of their adult life, which equates to 72 times a year, and six times a month.

Men only shed a tear three times a month – but they’re less embarrassed about crying than women, with the research showing that four in 10 men aren’t bothered about crying in public compared to a third of women. (Maybe we’re more embarrassed because we cry so much.)

Here are the top 10 reasons for our tears

  1. A sad movie, TV show or book

  2. Sad moments or memories

  3. Funerals

  4. Grief

  5. Anxiety, worries or fears

  6. Happy moments or memories

  7. Tiredness

  8. Pain or discomfort

  9. Arguments with your partner

  10. Pride about children

Are you a frequent crier?

If you answered yes to eight or more of the above, you are a sensitive soul – and a frequent crier.

If you answered yes to six to eight of the above, you are sensitive but also able to not get too caught up in your emotions.

If you answered yes to four to six of the above, you are not what we’d call an emotional person.

If you answered yes to fewer than four you may be a robot – or missing a sensitivity chip, as Jen would say.

And here are the top 10 reasons that men cry…

  1. Sad moments or memories

  2. A sad movie, TV show or book

  3. Funerals

  4. Grief

  5. Happy moments or memories

  6. Pain or discomfort

  7. Anxiety, worries or fears

  8. Arguments with your partner

  9. Sore eyes

  10. Tiredness

Why do we cry? We look at the science…

There is an area of your brain specifically to deal with your emotions, called the limbic system (specifically the part of it called the hypothalamus), which is hard-wired into your autonomic nervous system (a part you don’t have any control over). This system, via a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, has a degree of control over the lacrimal ‘tear’ system; and it is this tiny molecule which then stimulates tear production.

So in short, your emotional reaction to the break-up triggers your nervous system, which in turn, orders your tear-producing system to activate.

Well, life is full of moving moments.

By Closer and Now To Love

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