A body language expert's top tips on how to introduce your new partner to your family

Get this right, and the way is paved for a great relationship.

By Karyn Henger and Lana Byrne
We all want our partner and parents to get along, and getting that first introduction right can go a long way to a smooth-sailing relationship.
If you've been dating someone for a while and are thinking it might be time to introduce them to the family, it's worth sitting down with your partner and talking about how that first meeting is going to play out.
It's a big move for both of you - it tells your partner just how serious you are about them, and from your partner's perspective they're going to be nervous because they want your family to like and accept them.
Body mind analyst and body language expert Suzanne Masefield suggests talking about expectations beforehand and letting one another know how your family communicates - every family is different.
She also suggests making sure you're on the same page about how long you'll stay when you visit, and coming up with a signal your partner can give you if they're feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed. It's not unreasonable for them to expect you to stay close by their side, she says.
It's equally important to debrief about it afterwards, she says, so that you'll both know what to do in the next social situation.
In this video Suzanne talks us through her top five tips on how to introduce your partner to your family.
"While this may sound a little strict, you're creating a foundation for your relationship for how to interact with other people," she says.
"Over time it will get easier and people will see you as a great team."
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