How to tell if you've offended someone and what you can do to win them over again

Body language expert Suzanne Masefield gives her top tips.

By Karyn Henger and Lana Byrne
We've all done it - blurted something out that we've immediately regretted afterward. We try to convince ourselves that we didn't really offend the person we were talking to, but the truth is, if we sensed they were offended they probably were. There would have been signs in their facial expressions and body language that we picked up - but they were so fleeting we brushed it off as our own paranoia.
In this video body language expert Suzanne Masefield from The Body Language Company at Think Success talks us through the subtle signs that tell us when we've offended someone - so that if it happens again, this time you'll know for sure.
She also gives advice on what you can do to win that person over again.
Watch here to find out more. And good luck!