Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has a new boyfriend - and she didn't have to go far to find him

Emma's former husband Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie has found new love right under his nose too.

Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has moved on with a new boyfriend and she didn't have to look far - he's a member of the Wiggles crew.
The 30-year-old children's entertainer has found love with Oliver Brian, who plays the guitar and banjo for The Wiggles.
The happy couple went public this week, and were spotted together at Adelaide airport.
Hearts collectively broke around the world when Emma and her husband of two years, Purple Wiggle Lachie Gillespie, announced their split in August 2018. The couple had met in 2010 as cast members on the Dorothy The Dinosaur Show and became friends, before dating for two years then marrying in April 2016.
Their gruelling schedule touring with The Wiggles meant that they were unable to even have a honeymoon and their relationship became increasingly strained as Emma battled daily pain with endometriosis. Friends said the reality of married life failed to meet her expectations.
Lachy was reportedly devastated when Emma suggested a trial separation, which led to a permanent split, and the pair had to continue to work together after the split.

In a joint statement Lachy and Emma explained their shock decision:
"We have, and continue to share, the most beautiful life together, but we wanted to let you know that privately for the last six months we have been navigating through a trial separation, and we have made the decision to separate as a couple.
"Throughout that period, we have performed hundreds of shows together and that is always a continued source of joy for us both.
"We have embraced this as a very positive change in our relationship. Our incredible friendship has been strengthened throughout this time and what we have discovered is that, more than ever, first and foremost we love and adore performing as Emma and Lachy in The Wiggles and having the privilege of celebrating this happiness with extraordinary families around the world.
"We have chosen a different path to travel in our personal lives, but please know that we are stronger than ever and we can't wait to see you at a show soon. We will not be commenting beyond this, and we thank you in advance for respecting our privacy," they concluded.
The Yellow Wiggle told Stellar that she is "in love" with Oliver and that the two had worked together for four years before he asked her out on a date.
"He's very opposite to me," she told the publication. "He's a very calm and thoughtful person and I've always been interested in his mind and his take on life, and his morals. He loves talking about the environment and food production. It's not very 'Wiggly', but it's been nice for me to talk about things not just concerning ourselves, but people everywhere around the world."
Emma revealed that Oliver has helped her learn to relax more and stress less.
"I'm a bit particular. I used to worry about being late or not getting my pirouette right, but he's taught me not to worry and not to focus on myself, but to help other people. The last couple of months have been really eye-opening. I've relaxed a lot more," she said.
Meanwhile Lachy has also found love within the Wiggles extended family.
He is dating ballet dancer and mother of one Dana Stephensen - and apparently it was Emma who said he and Dana would be "perfect together".
Now there's an invitation for a double date!