Dating app that matches people by their hates

Because it's so much easier to list what we don't like!

For years we’ve been busy on dating sites and apps telling one another how much we love walks on the beach, dogs and quiet nights in by the fire. Oh I love that too, we proclaim. Me too. But how many matches have proved longlasting? How quickly do people run out of things to talk about?

We don’t know actually. But what we do know is that people love being able to complain / speak out / rave on / voice their opinions. There is nothing more satisfying than having a bit of a rant with a like-minded person.

Which is why a new dating app launched this year, Hater Dater, is so genius. Instead of matching people on shared likes it unites people on their dislikes.

Hate overly positive types? Put it in your profile. Sick of people who don’t know how to use apostrophes? There are others out there like you. From slow walkers to tummy piercings to aniseed lollies to that breed of cats with no hair, we all take offence to many things and it’s almost easier to list what we don’t like than what we do, if we’re brutally honest.

The image from the Hater home page.

With Hater Dater, users can categorise more than 3000 topics into Hate, Love, Dislike, and Like columns and the topics are as varied as ‘assembling Ikea furniture’ to ‘the sound of vomiting’.

Founder Brendan Alper, 29, told Harper’s Bazaar that the thinking behind the app is based on two basic principles of dating: sharing opinions and physical attraction.

He said that while the new generation of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have “made things way more efficient” and have helped to shed the “stigma that online dating had… it was at the cost of personality.”

So he set about creating a platform that would “split the difference a little bit.” Customers have called it “better than tinder” and “fun”.

We like his thinking too.

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