Couple die holding hands after 69 years together

The pair passed away holding onto each other.

A couple from Illinois have passed away holding each other’s hands, dying within minutes of one another.

Isaac Vatkin, 91, and Teresa Vatkin, 89, were married for more than 69 years before they succumbed to illness on Saturday, the Daily Herald have reported.

“You didn’t want to see them go,” said grandson William Vatkin, “but you couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Daughter Clara Gesklin said at the couple’s joint funeral how their love was so strong, they could not bear to be apart from one another.

“They were always in love, literally to the end. To the last second,” said Rabbi Barry Schechter, who led the service.

The couple passed away at Highland Park Hospital, with staff finding both Teresa and Isaac unresponsive on Saturday morning. Upon finding them, they placed their beds next to one another so their hands could touch.

They died within forty minutes of one another.

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