Brother and sister announce they’re in a relationship on live TV

“The big surprise is that we are not only siblings, we are also a couple.”

A half-sister and brother have announced their incestuous relationship live on TV.

They were appearing on Spanish makeover show, Cambiame, which means ‘Change Me’ – the show provides participants with makeovers.

Ana, 27, and Dani, 23, made the big reveal in more ways than one, reports Cosmopolitan magazine.

Ana said, “We didn’t just come here for a change in look, but also to completely change our lives.

“We have something to say and this is a good place to do it.

“We grew up separately and 20 years later found each other through social media and struck up a friendship.”

Dani added, “The big surprise is that we are not only siblings, we are also a couple.

“We are in love.”

Their father appeared on the show and congratulated them. He even joked with his daughter, saying, “Can I call you daughter-in-law?”

Ana and Dani live together in Barcelona.

Their revelation comes just weeks after a woman and the son she put up for adoption as a baby revealed they were in love – and trying for a child of their own.

Ben Ford, 30, left his devastated wife Victoria when he met and fell for his biological mother Kim West, 51, and the couple are now living together in the US.

They claim their relationship is not incest, but something called Genetic Sexual Attraction, or GSA..

The GSA condition is a term used for relatives who feel sexual attraction for each other after meeting as adults.

Surprisingly GSA is said to play a part in an estimated 50 per cent of lost family member reunions.

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