Amal Clooney makes the sweetest speech about husband George Clooney and it brings him to tears

These two are so in love it hurts.
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George Clooney has been awarded the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement award in Los Angeles, and while a number of Hollywood’s finest paid tribute to George’s career, it was wife Amal Clooney’s heartfelt speech that really moved the crowd.

The couple walked the red carpet at the LA Dolby Theatre – George in black tie and Amal wearing a pink off-the-shoulder Prada gown – before being seated among George’s parents and their famous friends and family.

The occasion marked the renowned human-rights lawyer’s first public speech specifically about her husband, and it was so beautifully affectionate that it brought her husband to tears.

George and Amal looked picture perfect on the red carpet.

“It’s somehow easier for me to address a court on behalf of a detainee, than to speak publicly as I am doing for the first time tonight about my husband’, the she told the audience. “I do so out of immense pride of all he has achieved”.

George, who Amal describes as “a gentleman in every sense of the word”, “has not forgotten his Kentucky manners”. She joked about her life before and how she had resigned herself to being “a spinster”, until George came along and changed everything.

“I couldn’t sleep when we were apart and I’m told that I would display a particular grin and head tilt when reading his text messages or the letters that he would hide in my bag. Five years later, none of that has changed. He is the person who has my complete admiration and also the person whose smile makes me melt every time”, Amal explained.

She also went on to speak fondly about George’s role as a father to their twins Ella and Alexander, which is when George was seen to visibly well up with tears. Only a couple of days earlier the couple had been celebrating their children’s first birthday.

George welled up as Amal spoke of their children.

Amal said: “My love, what I have found with you is the great love that I always hoped existed. Seeing you with our children, Ella and Alexander, is the greatest joy in my life. You fill our home with laughter and happiness and that’s even before the children have worked out that ‘dada’ is actually Batman, a talking fox, and friends with Mary Poppins”.

“I’m proud of you. But I also know that when our children find out not only what you have done, but who you are, they will be so proud of you, too”, she concluded.

When Amal returned to her seat, George leaned in and gave her a tender kiss. It’s safe to say our hearts haven’t felt this full since the royal wedding last month.

George and Amal share a tender moment during the ceremony.

This story originally appeared on Grazia.

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