Adjusting to new life in a retirement home

Agony Aunt-Wendyl Nissen gives advice.

Difficult adjustment

Dear Wendyl, I’ve just moved into a retirement unit and it has been a terrible adjustment for me. I miss my home where I lived for 40 years and feel very lonely, even though there are people all around me. My kids want to get me a kitten, saying it would be nice company, but I’m worried it will just be another thing I have to worry about. I do love cats and have always had one, but they are a big responsibility. What do you think I should do?

Moira, Tauranga

Dear Moira,

First of all, I’m sorry that you have found your shift hard, but let me tell you that it won’t always be like this. Give yourself time to adjust, don’t be too hard on yourself and go with the flow a bit more. You’ll soon find that your unit is worry-free and you can relax much more than you could in a home which needed maintenance and so on. Regarding the cat, get an old one and then you don’t have the stress of toilet training and being woken in the night for a play. The SPCA or a cat rescue organisation often get old cats that are difficult to re-home and are already trained. I think your kids are right – a cat would give you something to focus on and help you through this adjustment.

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