Want to learn how to talk cat?

Get more face-to-face time with your cat-friend by translating those mysterious meows, trills and growls.

Research shows that cats vocalise more with human beings than with each other! Most kitty-to-kitty talk is non-vocal, so when your beloved fluffball communicates verbally with you, why not reward her with a DINE® Creamy Treat?

The meow

Kittens meow to their mothers, so when your fully-grown cat gives you the classic “meow” treatment, he really wants your attention. Perhaps he’s trying to remind you his Egyptian ancestors were worshipped as gods… or maybe it’s just dinner time.

The purr

The delightful sound of a cat’s purr usually means your furry beauty is blissfully happy but purring can also mean she’s feeling insecure or needy, or even a little bit under the weather. So why not stay close by and give her lots of pats?

The trill

A sound that’s somewhere between a purr and a meow; lots of cat owners love the trill because it tends to mean a cheerful, “Hi, it’s me, did you miss me? I’m back from the outside world/sleeping on your black pants”.

The growl & hiss

It starts with the growl and moves on to the hiss. If your cat is frightened or feels threatened, or is gearing up for a fight, he’ll make that deep (sometimes warbling) growl. If the pressure stays on, it will be followed up by a fierce hiss – watch out!

The chatter

Ever noticed your lovely moggy staring out the window or flattened on the ground while emitting a series of bleating/chattering sounds? Follow her line of sight and sure enough she’s spotted a bird or other prey that’s frustratingly just out of reach…

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