Five black and white pets that need a forever home

Each week, we're working with the SPCA to shine a spotlight on the pets who need a loving home

Summer is traditionally the busiest time of year for the SPCA as it’s kitten season, with hundreds of kittens coming through the organisation’s doors every week. Once they are ready to be adopted, kittens find new homes relatively quickly.

But this means that sometimes adult cats can be overlooked, especially if they are a little shy and need to build some confidence.

This week we’re focusing on black and white pets, as black cats are the hardest to re-home and often struggle to find a family.

We also have a bunny looking for a forever home too!

Rabbits are very sociable animals who need lots of interaction. They love head scratches and pats and you can even teach them tricks such as high fives, sit, roll over, and twirls!

They can also be toilet trained, and make a great addition as an inside pet, providing you with comfort as they sit on the couch with you while you watch TV.

Bert Five-year-old Bert was found hanging around a house for the last 6 months. The lovely homeowners fed Bert while they tried to locate his owner, with no luck. Bert is a large cat that wears a lovely white necklace marking around his neck, making him stand out from the other cats. Bert is friendly, confident and strong minded. A chatty boy, he will make a lovely addition to the family.

Chico Three-month-old puppy Chico was found by a member of the public and brought in to SPCA Auckland. He’s a well-socialized pup who’s three favourite things are playtime, cuddles and attention! As he’s still only a little boy, he will need someone to look after him during the day until he gets bigger.

Chico is full of energy and love to explore so you will need to make sure you don’t have any gaps in your fences, or else he might escape.This little lad doesn’t much like being on his own, so he’s looking for someone to make him a part of their family.

Bonnie Sweet six-year-old Bonnie has recently returned to the SPCA where she was adopted from as a kitten. After being adopted from us in 2010, Bonnie spent seven wonderful years with her previous owner. Unfortunately, due to a change in living circumstances they are now no longer able to keep her. She is now looking for her new forever home to spend the rest of her years. Bonnie is a lovely old girl that knows what she wants in life. Bonnie loves cuddles and pats but does not like being smothered with them. She does not enjoy being picked up but will happily hang out with you while you watch TV. A quieter, mature household would best suit Bonnie’s nature.

Bobbie Two-year-old Bobbie is a crossbreed rabbit who was found lost and alone in Te Atatu Peninsula. He tried to make friends with the finders rabbits but they weren’t too keen on a third wheel. Bobbie is a sweet, placid boy who is a little shy with new people but once he gets to know you he adores face pats and strokes. He is a tidy young bunny too, finding it a breeze to use his litter tray here from day one.

Izzy One-year-old Izzy was found as a stray on a property in West Auckland all lost and alone. She was cared for by the owner for a couple of months, but eventually they could no longer keep her. Izzy was then brought to the SPCA to have the best chance of finding her new forever home. She is a shy cat that will need lots of reassurance and patience from her new owners to help her confidence in people grow. She does not mind being picked up once you have gained her trust and will snuggle into you and rest her head on your arm. Izzy would best suit a quiet mature household where she can bond closely with one or two adults.

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