How would you blow $1000 on your birthday?

Happy birthday to me!

Today it’s the birthday of one of our team members and she came in to the office telling us about a genius idea that her New Bus Buddy told her about: on how to really celebrate your birthday in style.

Every week her New Bus Buddy puts $20 in a jar and then on the day of her birthday she gets to open the jar and BLOW IT! After 52 weeks that gives her a total of $1040 – imagine having a day to blow $1000 on whatever you wanted.

It got us fantasising…

Here are 10 things we would blow our birthday money on…

Shout yourself the outfit you’ve been coveting.

Go all out on beauty treatments.

Don’t forget the full body massage…

Take yourself to a very fancy restaurant for lunch.

Champagne for everybody!

Book yourself into a hotel for the day (and UberEATS your favourite restaurant to your bath tub).

Send yourself flowers.

Tour your city by helicopter.

Buy yourself some bling.

There’s always room in your life for more shoes.

What about you do?

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