How to save money at the supermarket

By Wendyl Nissen
Save money at the supermarket by following these easy steps.
Use a shopping list
To prevent buying extra goodies. Research show those with a list only buy two extra items.
Do an inventory
By keeping your supermarket receipts for a week. This will tell you what you’re spending money on. Are there items that were impulse buys? Identify and get rid of them.
Go with generic brands
For everyday items, as you’ll save money and the products are so similar you won’t notice the difference.
Buy frozen veges.
It’s nice if you can get them fresh, but recent studies show frozen are almost as good for you, so stock up when they are on special.
Shop locally
If you have a good fruit and vege shop, support it. Their produce is fresher, better and often sourced from local suppliers. Save carbon miles and eat well.
The butcher also has better quality, fresher meat. The best bit is you can talk over your purchase with him and even get a bit adventurous to eat other parts of the animal you don’t know how to cook. Some of the cheapest cuts of meat can make delicious stews.

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