Four tips to help get your finances in order for 2024

Money worries getting you down? Get some financial advice from the professionals

Nearly half of all Kiwis worry about money regularly, yet comparatively few of us seek help to learn how to manage our finances, says AMP’s Robyn Conway. “It’s getting pretty tough out there for some people,” she says.

Getting sound professional advice means the average person can expect a significantly better financial future – whether you’re at the start of your investment journey, maximising your KiwiSaver savings to purchase your first home, planning for retirement or reaching retirement.

“It takes some of the stress out of things and people are more likely to do better with their money,” explains Robyn. “It gives them clarity around their goals and how long they might be looking to achieve those goals.”

AMP’s Robyn Conway

AMP advice teams range in age from early twenties to about 55 years of age, with many different ethnicities represented. Customers can ask for advisors they can relate to. Once assigned to an advisor, customers can continue to work with the same person if they choose.

“Everybody’s scenario is different,” says Robyn.

AMP also has a range of tools on its website to help people make more informed decisions around money – The Retirement Calculator tool, financial fitness check, tax rate checker, home and building insurance calculators and a “fund quiz” to help choose investments.

AMP members have access to MyAMP, where they can view balances and recent transactions, see how their investments are performing, change funds and make extra contributions.

Turn over a new leaf

The start of a new year is as good a time as any to think about getting your finances in order. So with 2024 looming, we have some tips to help.

  • Start tracking your incoming and outgoing funds

  • Make a plan to pay off debt

  • Build an emergency fund. The Financial Services Council have reported that in 2023, 39 percent of people – roughly 1.5 million Kiwis – wouldn’t have access to $5000 within a week in an emergency

  • Make resolutions and stick with them. Start small, make sure your goal is realistic, be patient and stay flexible.

For more information, visit AMP.

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