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How social media star Simone Anderson is keeping her family's Christmas healthy

For the newly engaged weight loss blogger, a festive feast is all about balance.

By Ellen Mackenzie
When it comes to the silly season, food has always been a central part of the celebration. From scrumptious hams and turkeys to mouth-watering Christmas cakes, it's hard to resist. But for Instagram star Simone Anderson, it's all about having a healthy and balanced festive feast.
"Food at Christmas is something special to look forward to. Everyone gets involved and it's something your family can do together," says the 27-year-old, who shot to fame online after documenting her shocking 92kg weight loss from gastric sleeve surgery.
"Our family loves to do salads and it sounds really bloody boring, but they're not your normal salads – these are packed full of veges, pine nuts and other great stuff.
"We are all in charge of a different dish each year and we try to create the most epic salads you've ever seen," tells Simone. "If you're having those beautiful fresh salads and veges, it balances it out and you can have a few treats."
Cooking at home is another important tradition, with the newly engaged star saying, "When you've cooked yourself, the pleasure of eating is so much more. You know what you've put into it and you know how much love has gone into it!"

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