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The fur-baby that Matty McLean will be doting on this Christmas

A Santa hat never looked so cute! Matty’s sweet pup Otis is all set to celebrate in style.

By Ellen Mackenzie
Matty McLean may not have any children of his own to celebrate Christmas with, but his adorable fur baby Otis certainly fills that hole in his heart!
When the Breakfast reporter snuggles up with his pup on our photo shoot, it's clear he's smitten as he explains that Otis travels everywhere with him and boyfriend Ryan Teece.
"We'll be spending Christmas in the South Island with family and we're taking Otis with us," smiles Matty, 31, who says his well-travelled pooch loves to fly.
Last year, Otis joined Matty's family in Queenstown and this year, they'll be visiting Ryan's clan in Nelson before enjoying a summer road trip together.

"Christmas is such an exciting time for families to share the love and for so many people, a dog is such a crucial part of their family," explains Matty.
"You can't have Christmas without your animals because they are family. Otis is my child, so he will absolutely be part of our celebration, plus he loves travelling – he wouldn't forgive us if we left him behind!"

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