This simple interior design trick could improve your sleep

Excuse us while we rearrange the furniture.

What with bleeping phones, noisy neighbours and a whirring mind that just won’t switch off, there are plenty of obstacles that get between us and a good night’s sleep.

But we don’t often stop to consider the role our bedroom layout might play.

New York–based feng shui consultant Laura Cerrano believes that the way we arrange furniture in our bedrooms could impact both the quality and quantity of kip we stock up on.

And a key element of this, she says, is to leave a symmetrical patch of space on either side of your bed.

In order words, don’t put your bed up by the wall or right by a door.

“Sometimes the dimensions of a bedroom don’t allow for this arrangement, so holding the intention of creating space is essential,” Cerrano tells

“Even if you could only spare an inch of space between the wall and bed, it’s better than nothing. Besides that, having two side tables and lamps is a great go-to general recommendation because it relates to balance.”

Other tricks Cerrano recommends to enhance the energy of your bedroom and improve sleep include getting rid of clutter, limiting the amount of mirrors you have and buying a rug to “create a balance between yin (soft textures) and yang (hard surfaces)”.

Cerrano also suggests giving your bedroom a commanding position.

“An ideal layout would be to have a clear vantage point of the bedroom door from the bed, while not being 100 per cent in alignment with the doorway,” she says.

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This story first appeared on Grazia Daily

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