How to have a fuss free move: advice from the experts

We asked a Yellow Movologist how to make your house move go as smoothly as possible. These are his expert tips.
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Moving house is always stressful. No matter how zen you want to be about the process, there are always hidden costs, time pressures and a whole host of other worries when relocating.

For this reason, Now To Love have enlisted the help of an expert ‘movologist’ from Yellow, who gave us his top tips on the most stress free move possible.

A Yellow ‘movologist’ takes care of the major stuff for those on the move, to ensure hot water, gas/power, internet and TV are hooked up and the lights are on when unpacking at the new house.

Yellow/move gives transient Kiwis the ability to outsource the moving of utilities, while movers focus on packing up and moving their belongings. The service includes the disconnection and reconnection of gas/LPG, electricity, broadband and Sky TV, and can often save movers money by sourcing the best rates and suppliers.

Watch the video above for Kelly Addis’s tips on a stress free move. For more details about the service, click here.

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