Green goddess: Hydrangea cuttings

A gentle prune of hydrangeas now ensures beautiful blooms come Summer.

By now the hydrangea flowers will have died so it is time to prune back your hydrangea bush and take some cuttings while you are at it. Only prune back old or damaged growth and flower stems. You don’t want to cut shoots as that is where the new bloom will be in summer.

Taking a few stems to cultivate new plants elsewhere is a great way to bolster your flower garden.

To take a cutting, choose a 12cm piece close to the bottom of the plant – woodier cuttings grow more roots.

Trim all the leaves except the very top ones and cut them in half. This will encourage the plant to grow roots. Plant the cutting 5cm into the soil, water well and place in a warm spot with filtered light.

If you want blue hydrangeas, then add aluminium sulphate to the soil. For pink add lime.

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