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Craft - Daisy gift tag

Not only is this gift tag design unique, it carries a surprise message.

By Louise Richardson
Rather than purchasing a costly card to accompany your gift, get creative with this clever little flower. Not only does it look great, it opens up to reveal your message at its centre.
  • 20cm square of yellow paper
  • 10cm square of orange paper
  • 8cm square of white paper
  • 6 x 10cm rectangle of
  • green paper
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife and cutting mat
  • Metal ruler
1 Using the template (right), trace and cut out one yellow daisy, one orange base flower, and three green leaves from the pieces of card. Gently score along the lines on the daisy shape where indicated.
2 Starting at the top and working all the way round the daisy, fold the petals inwards along the five diagonal scored lines.
3 Pinch each petal together along the six straight scored lines.
4 Starting at one side and working in a clockwise direction, gently press the petals down. They will fall to the side and overlap each other to close up the flower. This may require a little wiggling and gentle persuasion.
5 Open up the flower again and glue the daisy centre in place. Write a message on it, then glue the daisy to the orange base flower.
6 Score and crease each leaf approximately halfway along their spines. Glue the leaves between the yellow daisy and the orange base flower.
Extracted with kind permission from SCISSORS, PAPER, CRAFT by Christine Leech, published by Quadrille $29.99. Photos by Keiko Oikawa. Available from bookreps.co.nz
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