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2024 colour trends interior stylists and colour consultants expect to be popular this year

What is 2024 going to bring us when it comes to beautiful new design trends?

Keeping up with every interior design trend is impossible but it's always fun to look at what's driving new styles and how we might adapt them in different ways to suit our own tastes and homes.
Resene's expert colour consultants and interior stylists offer their thoughts on what interior design styles they expect to be popular in the coming year.

What will be the colour trends of 2024?

Earthy-inspired palette will still dominate but will evolve to include nature-inspired oranges like Resene Kombucha, ochre-toned mustards like Resene Liquid Gold, caramels like Resene Salted Caramel, deep blushes like Resene Coral Tree, and fruit-infused tones like deep Resene Plum.
Resene stylist Moneuan Ryan believes brown might be the biggest colour trend. From oak and rich walnut to mahogany, mocha, tan and chocolates through to softer cocoa or latte shades, even old timeless favourites Resene Tea, Resene Truffle and Resene Fossil get the tick! The other aspect of this, and the popularity of visual textures, is that we will still be wild about wood, with a focus on darker nutty wood stains like Resene Colorwood English Walnut, Resene Colorwood Dark Oak, Resene Colorwood Mahogany and Resene Colorwood Bark.
When it comes to blues and greens, cooler Mediterranean and watery blues like Resene Wedgewood or complex classics are popular choices. Elegant, soft sage greens, minty tones or avocado shades are all trending greens.
"We will see a continuing trend towards blended and more complex shades, rather than the clear, simple tones we've seen in previous decades", says Resene Colour Consultant Jackie Nicholls.
Deeper azure ocean blues paired with caramel and darker timber tones, lend a beachy-theme palette a warmer autumnal feel. These walls are painted in Resene Undercurrent with skirting in Resene Tarawera. The floor is finished in Resene Colorwood Breathe Easy. Project by Moneuan Ryan, image by Bryce Carleton.

Will greys still be popular?

Resene Colour Consultant Madison McLeod thinks we'll move away from the greyed-off colours that have been quite popular and move into more vibrant tones such as blue greens like Resene Sorrento, as well as bright oranges and pinks like Resene Grenadier and Resene Cabaret making more of an appearance.
Warmth is the key word for neutrals in 2024, with layers of deeper shades and the revival of all things brown. The back and left wall are painted in Resene Jetsam Brown with front right wall in Resene Sandspit Brown. Project by Melle van Sambeek, image by Bryce Carleton.

What about neutral shades?

Warmer neutrals that are comforting, calming and sophisticated will be key for 2024 says Resene Color Consultant Meryl Southey.
Easy ways to incorporate a warmer neutral shade is by choosing to add a stronger undertone to your main interior colours. Ivory tones and soft greens such as Resene Quarter Linen and Resene Half Ecru White, can add warmth to an otherwise cooler room. Or you can look out of neutrals with warming yellow, orange, red or brown bases, as these also bring a generous calm warmth to a space. Pair warm neutrals with warm bold accent colours for the best results. For example, you could try Resene Wafer with Resene Hot Chile, or Resene Malta with Resene Cab Sav.
Earthy tones and textures are evolving to include more colourful shades like the sunrise-inspired walls of this sitting area painted in Resene Manhattan. The skirting is painted in Resene Dawn Glow, with floor finished in Resene Colorwood Breathe Easy. Project by Moneuan Ryan, image by Bryce Carleton.

What other design trends are on the horizon?

Wallpaper is huge – and everywhere, even extending to wallpapered ceilings. Try mixing and matching Resene wallpaper patterns or experiment with layered patterns and paint colours.
Texture will continue to be popular, allowing for a wide range of raw and rough finishes created with technically creative products like Resene Sandtex Mediterranean effect and Resene FX Paint Effects Medium.
For interiors, the trend is for having multiple colours in one room of the home, using geometric shapes to help divide the room into different zones through colour blocking.
For exteriors, the trend is for having some colour. For example, on the main body of the exterior using soft green Resene Secrets paired with Resene Bianca on the trims or going light with Resene Thorndon Cream and a contrasting windowsill in peachy Resene Dawn Glow.
Visual textures and patterns will continue to be popular in 2024, like this freehand painted wall design in Resene Creme De La Creme, Resene Parchment, Resene Rocky Point and Resene Rice Cake. The floor is finished in Resene Colorwood Breathe Easy. Project by Annick Rennell, image by Bryce Carleton.
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