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Wholesome Kiwi guy uses Instagram to document every ice-cream he eats

In a world rife with war, pollution and reality TV, one sweet Kiwi man shines an icy beacon.

Not a selfie in sight, the Instagram of the mystifyng Mr. Ice-Cream is just as he describes it, “A documentation of literally every ice cream I eat since 26/10/16”.

From popsicles to chocolate coated ice-blocks, the classic kiwi double-scoop and the fancier ice-cream equivalent of a freak-shake, Mr. Ice-Cream is on a mission to eat them all.

More than just pretty pictures, his ice-cream snaps are often accompanied with captions that give us precious insights into this mysterious hero’s life outside of ice-cream.

He calls himself RealMrIceCream – and in a world of fakeness, he is real.

Though his subject matter is frozen, this melted our hearts.

Scroll down to see more of Mr. Ice-Cream’s posts

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