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Kiwis’ favourite sandwich toppings prove we’re a healthy bunch!

We've progressed since the days of Marmite on white bread!

In Japan it’s a bento box and in France, a baguette or omelette, but in New Zealand the lunchtime staple has always been the trusty sandwich (especially when it comes to school lunchboxes).

And while we all have our own ideas about which toppings make the perfect sandwich a new study by Farmland Foods has revealed what the nation’s favourite sandwich toppings are.

They might surprise you – we’ve certainly moved on from the days of Marmite on white bread!

They are… lettuce and avocado.

Almost 900 people were surveyed and salad came out on top (66 per cent). Avocado followed closely behind at 58 per cent then tomato (51 per cent) and chicken (44 per cent). We are a healthy bunch!

The top 10 also included ham, bacon, chutneys and relishes and cheese.

Least favourite toppings were tuna, beetroot and cucumber because they make the bread go soggy (fair point).

The sandwich bread of choice proved to be multi-grain and only one in 10 favoured white bread (see what we mean).

Rye, sourdough and gluten-free breads were also mentioned, demonstrating the increasing diversity of bread types and Kiwis’ tastes (and food intolerances).

Meanwhile, a whopping 93 per cent said the crusts should be left on – because eating your crusts makes your hair curly, of course.

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