Why people who are late are more successful

Got a friend or colleague who never seems to make it on time? It's not their fault, according to researchers.
Always late

Always late

Always late

We all have that friend who’s perpetually late to everything.

No matter how many times you remind them, they just can’t possibly seem to make it on time.

They’re the ones who always seems slightly dishevelled when they arrive in the office, muttering about traffic, ‘nightmare mornings,’ or last minute outfit changes.

But according to Business Insider these tardy individuals could actually share some attractive common traits.

A number of studies have shown that people who are often late are actually only guilty of the following: being creative, successful and optimistic.

According to the experts, people who constantly run behind schedule think more positively, as in: they tend to think they have more time on their hands than they actually do.

And while sometimes this optimism, that translates to lateness in work or play, can result in people getting angry; late people are often more successful than their colleagues.

Perhaps this is because these people are less concerned by details like getting to work on time, but more concerned with creating solutions for problems.

In one study, optimistic salesmen completed 88 per cent more sales than their colleagues.

Being late also suggests that you are potentially a Type B personality type, say researchers. Unlike your Type A friends, who are impatient and competitive, Type Bs are relaxed and creative.

Lateness might be the bane of your boss’s life, but it could mean you’re actually more successful

A study has already shown that the two personality types perceive time differently, with Type Bs consistently thinking there is more time in a minute than Type As.

So in short, if you’re constantly being berated for turning up ten minutes behind schedule, you might want to send this article to your boss/friend/partner/parents – it could just mean you’re an optimistic creative.

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