The board game we should all be playing with our daughters

A Warsaw-based company, Playeress, has released its own version of Guess Who? that celebrates strong, inspiring women from all backgrounds.

Forget Scrabble, put the Monopoly to one side. The board game we should all be playing with our daughters - especially with International Women's Day just round the corner on March 8 - is Who's She?.
Who's She? is a new version of the game, Guess Who?, that celebrates some of the world's most extraordinary women, and promotes female empowerment.
While the original Guess Who? game featured 24 characters - with only six of them female and all of the characters non-caucasian, bar one - this version, created by Warsaw-based company Playeress, features 28 women who have made history by daring to make a difference.
Among them are Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, Serena Williams and Malala Yousafzai, and to guess their identities players ask questions about her achievements, like 'did she win a Nobel Prize?'.
Made from Baltic birch wood and featuring hand-drawn watercolor portraits by artist Daria Gołąb, the board game also comes with biography cards about each woman.
It does not come cheap, retailing at £75 on with shipping to New Zealand, £30.
But Playeress has also released a more affordable cardboard version, which costs £10, and you can also order tattoos, scratch-off posters and postcards, and paper masks of the 28 women.
Founder Zuzia Kozerskagame designed the game to inspire the younger generation, with the women representing a range of professions, nationalities, and ages.
"Their triumphs, adventures, discoveries and inventions will inspire you to dream bigger and take risks," explains Zuzia.
We're ordering ours today!