The most awkward moments between bosses and employees

Turns out, bosses make mistakes too.
Bosses and employees

Bosses and employees

When you’re steaming mad at your boss for turning down your leave request, making you work late or piling more onto your to-do list – it’s easy to forget that they’re carrying their own stresses too.

In a recent Whisper confession board, employees have been sharing the awkward moment when they caught their boss acting less than professionally – and what they did about it.

For anyone who’s had to deal with a troublesome manager, these will resonate with you.

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“I took a sick day because of norovirus. When I came in the following day my boss gave me a full dressing down in front of a shop floor full of people. Awkward moment – years later I had been promoted to head office and ended up having to train said boss for a full day.”

“When I started my role, there was something super familiar about my boss. For weeks it bugged me until he admitted, while at after work drinks, that he had hit on me in a bar months previously and had just hoped I wouldn’t remember.”

“I caught my boss interviewing someone for my position. I want to quit before he can replace me. He’s such an asshole.”

“Today I caught my boss googling ‘how to win back my employee’s respect.’”

“Caught my boss in the stock room catching Pokemon…Oh yes my lunch will be longer today sir.”

“I caught my boss bad mouthing me in front of the whole office.”

“I caught my boss making a homophobic comment. She didn’t know I was standing behind her.”

“I caught my boss smoking a joint behind the store today and they said if I don’t snitch they’d give me the rest.”

“Caught my boss stealing multiple times but this time got it on video. The head boss/owners are coming next week…might lose my job for telling them but it’s worth it.”

“Caught my boss doing the walk of shame.”

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