The cool projects happening around the world that support women’s rights

Now that's what we call making a point.

There are lots of ways to make a point, and sometimes messaging that is unexpected can have more of an impact than any other kind.

We love how these organisations have thought outside the square to make their point in support of women’s rights:

The Whole Story Project

The Whole Story Project is a mobile app that allows you to design and create statues of inspirational women and then place them on a virtual world map, anywhere in the world.

Historically, statues have mostly been created of men.

“Put a woman out in the world”, it encourages. We love it!

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The ANZ experiment that highlighted pay parity issues through kids’ eyes

Sometimes no one says it better than children. ANZ Australia had the genius idea of giving a bunch of kids some chores to do, and then paying the boys more than the girls to see what their reactions would be.

They filmed the experiment and made a video out of the kids’ reactions to highlight the pay parity issue.

“Ugh, I have no words, it’s so wrong,” said one little girl.

We concur.

Nudge for change

Nudge for Change is an app that helps you to align your moral beliefs with how you spend your money. It effectively scores businesses in the context of how socially responsible they are in categories such as “Trump issues”, workers’ rights, the environment, women’s equality, racial equality, and LGBT equality, so that you can make an informed choice about spending money on their products/services or applying for a role with them, for example.

In their mission statement they say:

“We believe in supporting racial equality, gender equality, and equal rights for the LGBTQ community… We built Nudge for Change because we wanted a way to ensure that we weren’t inadvertently funding companies and politicians that act in direct opposition to the issues we care about…

“We hope that once retailers start taking note of all our small nudges, we’ll be able to collectively give them one big push toward more ethical business choices.”

Suistudio ad for women’s suits.

Suistudio ad campaign

Suistudio is a women’s clothing store in New York that has an online reach in Europe and the United States.

We know two wrongs don’t make a right here but sometimes you need to make a bold statement to be heard. How easy it is to imagine the places of these two models reversed – because that’s what we grew up with, right!

Portrait of Silence, 7

Portrait of Silence, 8

Woman Interrupted

When research from George Washington University came out that women are interrupted far more frequently than men are, Brazilian agency BETC Sao Paulo responded by creating a ‘manterrupting’ app that counts the number of times a woman is interrupted by a man (or anyone).

The Woman Interrupted app was launched on International Women’s Day 2017 and is available for download on Apple’s app store.

“At first glance, it may seem like a small problem, but it reflects deeper issues of gender inequality at work and in society,” said Gal Barradas, BETC Sao Paulo founder and co-CEO. “The app is a way of showing that in fact the interruption is real and alarming,”

In a video that BETC made to highlights some of the app’s key features, some of the most prominent instances of men interrupting women are shared, such as the time Kanye West jumped onstage at the VMAs while Taylor Swift was accepting her award.

BETC also asked female designers to create posters promoting Woman Interrupted. Above are two of them.

We like their style.

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