Study finds that having kids holds women’s careers back

Is it possible to have it all? Not according to this study.

A new study has revealed the impact having a child has on your career… and most mums probably won’t be surprised to hear that the impact is quite significant.

In fact, it turns out that having a baby sets a woman’s career back six years.

Researchers found becoming a mum can lead to missed promotion opportunities, issues caused by staff, management or procedural changes in the workplace, as well as the fact new mums arrive back at work with different priorities.

It also emerged that 37 per cent of working mums believe they have been discriminated against since having a child – which echoes surveys that have been done in New Zealand such as the NEXT report which found Kiwi women still felt discriminated in the workplace.

Commissioned by Easy Offices, the research of 1000 mums with a child aged one to 13 also found four in 10 would advise mums-to-be to be ‘wary’ about returning to work following maternity leave.

A spokesman for Easy Offices said: “Many women will be wondering about how having a baby could affect their career, so we polled mothers who know from experience just what impact having a child can have.

“The findings show how difficult it is to adjust to the new priorities that come with having a baby but also suggest it can be hard to reintegrate into the workplace.”

Three in 10 mothers said they had experienced negativity from colleagues because they have had to take time off to care for their kids, while over a quarter admitted they initially felt left out by colleagues when they came back to work.

Thirty-five per cent noticed a change in work processes, while a third said the dynamics in their team had changed.

Amid this, over a third of those surveyed believe it takes time to regain self-confidence in the workplace following the birth of a child.

Mums believe it typically takes 13 months to get back up to speed upon returning to work after maternity leave, while half said it took around 15 months for them to get used to juggling work and motherhood.

The survey carried out by, also found a quarter of those polled have left job roles because they found it too difficult to juggle both roles.

In fact, three in 10 mothers admitted they didn’t return to the place they worked at prior to having their baby.

A spokesman for Easy Offices added: “It may not be a surprise to learn having a baby changes your life but we might not realise just how long it takes to adjust to it – especially in the workplace.

“The working world moves forward at a fast pace so it’s understandable mums would find returning to work a bit of a shock to the system.

“Perhaps colleagues may not fully appreciate this point of view so mothers might feel more could be done to rectify this.”

Those polled believed they had missed out on an average of two promotions during their time away from work.

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