Rose & Thorne: The women's lingerie label determined to get rid of 'fugly' bras for good

They may not be a household name, but it’s likely you’re on intimate terms!

By Amy Nelmes Bissett
When body diversity is mentioned to Rose & Thorne founder Sue Dunmore, she can't help but let out a giggle.
"Well, it's very trendy now but women have always had different bodies, right from the start, so it makes me laugh," she smiles.
The underwear business runs through Sue's blood. The Brit native, who has lived in New Zealand for the past 26 years, cut her teeth at Marks & Spencer before 16 years at Bendon.
But in 2010, the company moved the design function to Australia and she was out of a job.
It was the breathing space she needed. With the help of former Bendon CEO Stefan Preston, Sue saw a huge gap in the market, one in which everyday Kiwi women of all shapes and sizes needed bras that not only fitted comfortably, but didn't look like a nana's and were affordable.
"Women accepted that bras were uncomfortable for a long time and they would put their hand in the draw for the fugly bra because it was often the comfortable option," says Auckland mum-of-two Sue.
"But with a clean sheet of paper, we decided to launch a company that made women feel good in their bras."
That was 2011 and since then, Rose & Thorne's popularity has exploded.
It's helped that each bra, which goes from size 10 to 24, is fitted with Forgiving Fit technology, a scientifically-backed approach to ensure each of the brand's five bra shapes is a perfect fit.
"Body positivity has kind of been a by-product of what we've been doing for almost eight years, rather than a focus," says Sue.
"We don't categorise those with a big bust or those who need a small bra – we just see women who need a bra that fits and looks good."

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