National MP Nikki Kaye says having breast cancer has been horrific and beautiful

I think I'm much more grateful for life.
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A year on since her breast cancer diagnosis, National Party MP Nikki Kaye says she’s much more “grateful for life” and kinder to herself.

“While it’s been the most horrific experience it’s also been the most beautiful, in that I think I’m more confident and I am better to myself.”

At the NEXT Woman Of The Year Awards last night, she revealed that she has learned about “the power of being vulnerable and the power of asking other people for help”.

“I’ve got some really good friends,” she says.

Kaye made it a priority to attend last night’s awards because she felt it so important to celebrate the Kiwi women who are making a difference to all of our lives.

“What we need to think about is it’s not just about the women in the room, there are a whole lot of other eyes across New Zealand that are watching us and so we need to be able to celebrate the women in this room and raise awareness of their stories because of the inspiration that has to a whole lot of other women in New Zealand.”

Kaye names her 96-year-old grandmother, who only recently passed away, as the woman who has inspired her most in life.

“The reason she’s been my role model is she’s always been a really strong person who’s fought for what she’s believed in.”

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