Mean Mums' Morgana O'Reilly gets candid about her school days

''I feel terrible about this now, but being cheeky was one of my favourite pastimes at school.''

The best piece of advice I received from my mum is…
My mum is an amazing choreographer, so her best advice (aside from EVERYTHING else) is all performance related. Always choreograph the curtain call properly – even though it's the last thing on your mind; don't de-energise your body when you're facing upstage – keep your back "alive"; and when doing anything, engage your lower abdominals.
The most important thing I want to teach my kids is…
Be kind and know that the negative actions of others are usually a manifestation of their own fears and insecurities.
The show I last binge-watched was...
RuPaul's Drag Race at any spare minute.
Blair St. Clair from Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 10
The best part about being a mum is…
The cuddles, the chats and the giggles.
My most memorable moment from school was…
I feel terrible about this now, but being cheeky was one of my favourite pastimes at school.
If I had to choose another career I would be…
A doula (birth companion) or midwife and help women to be the best birthing mamas they can be!
If you could live in any other era, what would it be and why?
I've always felt an affinity with the hippie era of the late 1960s. Take me to Woodstock! I love the music and fashion, but I would have loved to have been part of that energy and activism. I'm doing my best to be a part of the energy and activism of today instead.
The item I would save from a fire is…
Assuming the family is out safe, I'd grab our hard drives holding all the photos and my huge fruit salad plant!
I can never leave the house without…
Sunnies, wallet, keys, phone.
My biggest inspiration is…
My husband – he is a very talented film-maker and is always pushing and inspiring me to be creative.
The three words I would use to describe me are…
Charming, silly, full-of-podcast-facts.
The quality I admire most in people is…
Humour and credibility.
Book or movie?
I am the slowest reader, but love being in the middle of a good book.
Singing or dancing?
Dancing. All night. While singing. Loudly.
Hot or cold?
Hot weather. Cold water.
Poached or scrambled eggs?
My dad's scrambled eggs.
Pancakes or waffles?
My husband's pancakes with lemon and honey!

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