Kanoa Lloyd on the mantras she lives by and finding her voice on national TV

The Project co-host lets us in on what makes her tick.
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If there’s one thing The Project‘s Kanoa Lloyd is getting more and more comfortable with on live TV, it’s showing her vulnerable side.

Her empathetic coverage of the Christchurch mosque attacks saw her close to tears many times, and when she opened up about her anxiety in a themed week on the show last year about mental health, her honesty reverberated with New Zealanders.

She says she initially hadn’t planned to share her own experiences, but ended up writing “a little piece” and showing it to her boss, who encouraged her to read it on air.

Kanoa has discovered that one of the best things about working on a weeknight current affairs TV show is that she gets to reach out to New Zealanders about issues she feels are important.

“I keep on getting to do that and no one has told me not to yet,” she smiles.

In this video Kanoa shares with us the values and mantras she lives by, what shaped her in childhood and why being your own best friend is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

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